Pallet trucks are types of small forklift trucks that are used inside warehouses or other storage facilities for moving around loads just clear of the ground. They move loads quickly and in an efficient manner to different storage levels and locations within the facility. Some trucks can be powered while others can be operated from a ride-on or a pedestrian position. They can work in retail stores, warehouses or be adapted to a high durability for heavy loads. Their wheels and castors can be fitted to run on a variety of surfaces and in different moisture conditions and temperatures.

Hiring a pallet truck for the short or long term can provide some flexibility in the use of equipment to meet seasonal requirement or production peaks in any business. The business can keep the company truck fleet at an optimal level for standard everyday needs and balance this with hired equipment for other periods. So truck rental can protect a business’s cash flow rather than leaving it faced with a large upfront payment for a new vehicle. This may be an advantage when testing a new truck design to see if it will fit within the business processes.

The first consideration a business has to make before hiring one is to decide whether the equipment should be pedestrian or rider operated. This depends on the size of the load, the distances that it needs to be moved and the types of indoor spaces in which the vehicle will be used. You will find that when it comes to pallet trucks UK suppliers have many options.

It is vital to adapt the design of the vehicle to any uneven or sloping surfaces. These surfaces will usually determine the types of wheels and castors and their tyres or coverings which have to be used as well as a vehicle’s battery capacity. The business must ascertain if the trucks will have to cross any public roads or pathways and acquire the necessary local permits for this. The access conditions to all delivery or loading points have to be adequate for the truck to pass.

The temperature of the working environment is an important factor. There are specialised pallet trucks and wheel fittings that are suitable for cold stores, dusty or hazardous environments or moist, wet or even salty conditions in the case of shoreline operations.

Once these factors are taken into account, the size and lifting capacity of the pallet trucks can be decided. This depends on the business’s work schedule. The shifts could be 12-hour or 24-hour depending on the nature of the work and on each truck operator’s competence. If the truck is to be used for any peak production or load-shifting periods, care must be taken that the hiring period is carefully estimated to ensure that the truck has as little down time as possible.

Although pallet trucks will spend most of their time in an indoor environment, they have to be able to work outdoors for some periods during loading and unloading operations.

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