Want To Go Camping In Maui, Hawaii? Learn The Top 3 Places That You Can Enjoy!

Hawaii has many great camping spots, but the island of Maui is as beautiful as it gets. In terms of camping in Maui, several spots deserve your attention and consideration. Without further adieu, here are some of the top Maui camping places:

Camp Olowalu

This camp is privately owned. It’s also one of the better camping places on the island. This camp is very clean, and well-maintained. That helps it to be a consistently comfortable place for campers to enjoy, many of which have shared positive reviews about Olowalu.

However, there are quite a few activities you can enjoy here. Equipment rentals let you go snorkeling or kayaking, and swimming and paddle boarding are available too. If you choose this for your camping spot, then you’re not going to be very far from some very beautiful reefs.

You also have several choices for your camping. A large cabin is available, although you can also spend the night in a tent right by the beach. Do note, however, that tents aren’t included, although they do have rentable tent-a-lows. You can also camp an RV if you have one.

Camp Keanae

This is another privately owned camp, but one operated by the YMCA. It’s well-known for the views it has of the Keanae Peninsula. A short walk takes you to Keanae Arboretum, and the camp is situated close to an old Hawaiian village. You can also explore a mid-1800s church in the area.

We strongly suggest a cabin rental, but you can also bring a tent of your own, since that runs just $25 per person each night. On the other hand, if you’re able to swing it and really want to live it up, then rent out a cottage which has tremendous ocean views. It’s your choice, and each accommodation option obviously has several benefits.

There are several facilities available. A swimming pond is here, as are a gym and fitness center. On top of that, you can find fire pits for your enjoyment, and there are also multiple bathhouses for taking a shower and keeping clean.

Haleakala National Park

This national park offers several camping areas you can use. Two of them are very easily accessed, but others require some serious hiking. If you’re passionate about barbecuing, cycling, hiking, and alluring views, then this is the place to spend several days.

Maui, Hawaii has other camping places, but these three are among some of the best. Compare each of them in detail so you can pick the one right for you. All the islands of the chain are wonderful places to visit, but Maui is probably the most gorgeous of them all. Spending the night in comfort or enjoying nature is truly a great way to appreciate these magical destinations, and a great night of sleep is a good idea so you can spend all day relaxing and adventuring at the same time. This is not a place you want to miss or fail to make the most of.

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