Haven’t you always wanted to speak to Santa Claus at least once? To tell him what you want for Christmas and take a peek inside his bag full of gifts? Do not think it is too late, or that Santa Claus does not exist. Santa Claus does exist. Even more than that: he has an address, a home, and an office. You don’t have to take our word for it. You can write him a letter and send it to this address: 1 Joulumaantie, 96930, Arctic Circle, Finland.

What do you know about Santa Claus?
Did you know that Santa lives in a cottage on Korvatunturi – Ear Mountain, from which he can hear all the wishes of the children? In his house, he has a large living room, a large library, and, of course, a kitchen, where Mrs. Claus prepares delicious recipes. It goes without saying that his home is where the gift factory and gift shop are located. Ear Mountain has many corners, in which elves and reindeer like to hide.

How about if you could get so close to the ambassador of Christmas, that you would be able to eat at his table? And what if you could ride Santa’s sleigh with reindeer and then receive an international reindeer sleigh driving permit? If you travel to the Arctic Circle, it is mandatory to participate in the ceremony of crossing the Arctic Circle. Children who come here to visit are encouraged to feed the birds and animals that live near Santa’s hut and they are told that Santa himself will come to pay them a visit, too, only a few hours after they’ve visited his home.

Santa Claus Village

It’s time to pay a visit to Santa at his office. Before entering the office, you might want to stop by the post to send letters to your loved ones. And not just any letter, but letters that Santa himself printed, with stamps and pictures from the Arctic Circle.

Once you arrive at the office, you really need to request an audience to speak to the old man that brings joy to all and have your picture taken with him. Thousands of people from around the world come here to meet Santa. Here is where dreams turn into reality.

Not far from the office stands Santa’s Park – a fantasy world built on a cliff at 132 m below sea level. Playful children and adults will be delighted to receive an Elves’ School Certificate after attending classes and after they’ve taken a sleigh ride, during which they saw characters and animals from Lapland, or after they’ve visited the Ice Gallery and the Ice Princess, who told them stories from the mythology and history of Lapland. And the fun then continues, but we do not want to reveal all the surprises that await there.

Now you know. Santa Claus does exist. He lives in Lapland and is waiting for you. If you want to pay him a visit, it would be really nice if you brought Santa a gift. Here are a few things on his list: smiles from everyone, smiles for everyone, soft woolen socks, chocolate, and, once more, lots of smiles.

Do you think you have what it takes to embark upon the genuine Christmas travel adventure?

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