Edinburgh a Milestone:

Edinburgh in Scotland is a city which houses the busiest Airport of Scotland and handling nearly 10 million passengers. In overall United Kingdom it’s the sixth busiest. As expected an Airport of this status is always going to attract not only passengers but also the numerous traffic which it controls and trying to ease the flow for the benefit of the esteemed passengers who make a steady inflow. Its the airport which is the place where 40 airlines fly to over 140 destinations through its numerous terminals. Imagine the magnitude of manpower involved behind this magnanimous infrastructure. The logistics involved and the detailed layout in making this Airport operative round the clock in a 24X7 field of operation. Its great to see great things working, but there is always a dedicated team behind any fruitful operation. There is a daily footfall of a few lakh, who traverse this spot either to travel or to make others travel by serving.


They travel, some through the tube, some use the bus, some car. The flow is just unimaginable, and looks that vehicles are omnipresent everywhere. It’s just unthinkable as to where do these vehicles stop or park. Land space is limited, options are few and failing options are leading to a bottleneck. Yes multi level parking or underground parking has paved a way but increasing number of vehicles has only created a catch 22 situation. Every option seems to have been utilized but ultimately it seems futile.


Pool rides, using public transport, avoiding unnecessary waiting and minimizing private transport should be the call of the day. Diverting parking zones at far of places and making battery operated vehicles the mode for airport entry. Both short and long parking should be taxed heavily and valet parking should be promoted at a cost. All efforts are to be made to see that car’s do not stay but move. Entry fees of private vehicles should be doubled, and cost for travel to airport through public transport to be reduced.


The Airport Authority or the Civil Aviation Authority should use all forms of media, like print, electronic or radio to constantly hammer the message across, that Parking of Private vehicles in an around the Airport should be avoided to help the city curb this problem. If restrained and adhered, it would not only create a space for breathing but would allow the authorities a space to Plan and promote certain programs which till date might have been shelved because of paucity of space.


Why not to keep this venture intact and free from dust and vehicle pollution through a cohesive effort, which is indeed the hour of the day. Let’s say yes and indeed the response from the people of Scotland has to be assertive. Options are there, Online Parking – booking, Discount parking and parking through the website are the numerous options available and many more on the anvil. Surely I feel if these are well promoted there would not be a delay for the betterment and vehicle handling in an around Edinburgh airport car parking, would be a job handled easily.

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