It may seem like a dream to be able to holiday all year round, but if you work for yourself or happen to be retired then there is a good chance that you can do just that. Whilst buying a home abroad may not be quite up your street, there will be plenty of locations in Britain that offer the surroundings one would get on holiday all year round.

Whether you love the beach or a quiet natural retreat, choosing a holiday home to call your own will be easy, and even those who are worried about the cost of running such a home may be surprised at just how cheap many options can be.

For example, by choosing to move to static caravan parks, not only can you get the perfect holiday surroundings almost all year round, but you will also be able to get the atmosphere and excitement of a genuine holiday, from the entertainment to extra bonuses such as swimming pools.

The cost of a caravan in even the best holiday parks in Wales will be surprisingly low, and not only will choosing such an option allow you to get a huge injection of cash should it leave you able to sell your old house, but it will also help you reduce the many maintenance hassles and costs involved in living in an ordinary house.

Whilst such parks are often closed for a couple of months over the winter, many who choose to live in such places for the majority of the year will find that they can simply holiday elsewhere when these holiday parks are closed or even simply do the rounds, staying with family and friends until they reopen again.

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