A beach is the perfect place to be during summer, and all the more fun with family and children. There are some really great beaches in the UK, some of the best ones, in my opinion, are mentioned below. Take your pick and head out for some quality time with your children!


West wittering

This beach lies near Chichester, West Sussex. The great white sand, shimmering blue-green sea water and a beautiful coastline will hold you in awe.It also offers great swimming grounds, and the water is safe for you as well as your children. There is plenty of flora and fauna around to offer some interesting site seeing, if all that sand and water gets boring.


Situated at Dorset, Bournemouth is amongst the most stunning and safest beaches in UK for a family holiday. It is the only beach that boasts the seven mile walk of pure gold. The sand is soft and there is enough space to allow some family time without any public interference. If you or your children are into surfing, this beach is an ideal option.

Holy island

Holy island is situated in Northumberland. The landscape and waters, adorned with ancient Christian buildings and a castle, are hauntingly beautiful.The city is far away, the beach boasts of grey seals, and rare birds fly past- how wonderful for the children!


The smell of pine trees rustling in the coastal breeze is the trademark of Holkham, the beach in Norfolk. Enjoy a walk or a horse ride on the creamy sand. The beach is particularly famous for frequent visits by the Queen. Just imagine how exciting it would be to actually behold people you have only read about! A true treat for the kids.

Great bay

This is the best beach in the isle of Scillys. The picture-perfect blend of green, blue and white colours beckons a walk tracing the length of the coastline.The sea water is dotted by fish dancing about- something your children would truly enjoy.


Treat your child to the best ice-cream, fish and chips by taking them to Blackpool in Lancashire. Besides the food, there is the exclusive donkey ride treat for the whole family. The beach offers some really entertaining shows as well.

Sinclair’s bay

If you are looking for a holiday all to yourself, Sinclair is the perfect place to head to. The beach is located in Caithness. The soft white sand will cling to your child’s memory for a long time. You shall be treated to the view of 16th- century castles, and the sight of whales would really thrill the kids.

This beach is situated in Cornwall, and is home to some formidable cliffs. The fine sand and numerous streams meeting at the beach are the best you can offer to your child. If the beach gets a bit too much, there is always the Minnack theatre to keep the holiday spirit going.

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