Road Trip

Road trips are highly exciting and can also be planned very well. They can be even more alluring and joyful when you are about to embark on a road trip with your BFF. Here are some tips for a perfect and convenient trip and luggage plan.

Have a vision

You and your friend should discuss among yourselves some of the basic aspects of this tour. You would like to know the places you would be going, what would be the amount of travel required, how long you would be out, what luggage you would need, and other basic yet important trip aspects. Other aspects including eating, rest/sleep, luggage, and fuel should also be discussed so that you have a rough idea of the various yet practical aspects that are to be covered in the planning phase.

Make a unique Pinterest board for the trip

You and your friend can make a shared Pinterest board where you can share pictures of places you want to visit during the tour. The images of the places will help you know more about the multiple cities, regions, highways, and national parks that you would be covering during your dream tour. Try to know more about these regions on websites, travel magazines, and other areas, and brainstorm as well.

Browse through online trip guides

The online tour/trip-related websites and web portals will help you plan your tour better. They will tell you about the nearby attractions, the fuel stations, and the shortest routes, and offer other important tips for your tour.

Choosing the right luggage

Choose the right kind of luggage for your road trip. You would not like to carry suitcases as you would not be staying at a place for a long time. Go for the larger backpacks instead, which will save you space. Also, browse through the available luggage to see what suits your trip the most.

Google Docs for itinerary sharing

Google Docs can be used to create and store all kinds of data related to your trip and you can also type with your voice. Here you can enter and store details including addresses, journey times, dates, essential luggage to carry, prices, important notes, and other details. Once the document has been created, you can share it with your friends, family members, and others easily.

You can also create other kinds of share lists on Google Docs and these include the expenses list, packing list, and other kinds of lists. You can further make and use Google Docs for your own personal purposes, and create and store any data that you want exclusively for yourself. This list can also be stored on cloud storage like Google Drive and other websites and storage platforms.

Store all your images and videos and share them

The images and videos that you shoot and capture during your tour are priceless memoirs of the road trip that will be with you for a lifetime. Sometimes voyagers are able to capture some very exciting and one-of-a-kind moments as well. You can store all the captured images and videos safely and instantly on Google images, Google Drive, and other web platforms that are free of cost. Alternatively, you can also join a paid service. These images and videos can be instantly shared on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and other social media and chat platforms as well.

UK road trips are highly exciting and there is a number of exclusive regions for you to cover. Taking on a trip with your best friend is one of the finest moments of life, as you all can keep enjoying the company of each other and the beautiful surroundings throughout the trip. Plan the trip and luggage carefully and enjoy the life that you are blessed with.

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