Double Bay is one of the most popular areas in New South Wales, known for the amazing views of the Sydney Harbor, the real estate hub of Blackburn Cove, the high-end shopping streets and malls, and the wonderful cuisine you will find here. Here, you will find so many different hotels to stay in, starting from the presidential, and high-rises to the normal, quaint hotels. However, one hotel that has gained a lot of popularity in just a few years is none other than Savoy Hotel.

Here, let’s talk about Savoy Hotel –

Savoy Hotel- location

Sydney is indeed one of the most visited areas in the entire Australian continent. The city has a lot of things to offer, one of which is Harbor Bay. This particular place is popular for its high-end restaurants, tons of shopping centers, the hustle-bustle of the bay land, and the picturesque view of the Sydney harbor. One of the well-known streets in Harbor Bay is Knox Street. The Savoy hotel Sydney is located on this street, hidden from the onlookers’ prying eyes, nestled in between greeneries that make the ambiance far more magnificent for vacations and holidays. 

Savoy Hotel- rooms types

You will find several kinds of rooms in the hotel based on their placements, structures, and other things. In total, forty rooms are there which are divided into different zones based on the types. 

  1. Standard atrium rooms: if you are not staying for quite a long time in the hotel and are just wanting a nice, comfortable room for one or two days at the maximum, the standard atrium room will be perfect. 
  2. Family rooms: the family rooms are quite big to fit an entire family in a single space. Here, you will have one queen bed and two single beds or a combination of a single bed and a sofa bed. 
  3. Superior A rooms: these rooms can house two to three beds with a double, queen, or twin bed option. 
  4. Superior Brooms: these are similar to the Superior A rooms in structure with the only difference being that they offer more peacefulness and tranquillity. 
  5. Executive balcony rooms: these rooms are quite large and come with a walk-in balcony. Here, the only bed option you will have is that of the king size. 
  6. The retreat suite: the presidential form suite needs to be booked via phone before your check-in. 

Savoy Hotel- room amenities 

In these rooms we have discussed above in Savoy Hotel Sydney, you will be able to enjoy a few amenities like remote-controlled TV, air conditioning, ensuite bathrooms, hairdryers, personalized toiletries, beverage-making facilities, and so on.

Savoy Hotel can be called the sweet retreat where you can relax and spend your vacation days in complete peace and tranquillity. Even though the hotel is located on a busy street, the place’s insides are so silent that you will feel as if you are in a peaceful oasis. The hotel has become famous for the top-class amenities it provides at an affordable price rate. 

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