How To Achieve A Great Price For Your Accommodation

How to list your static home at the right time and attract the right buyer. 

If you’ve decided that now is the right time to part with your static home, perhaps with a view to upgrading, then there are plenty of ways to position and promote your caravan so that you receive a great offer for your accommodation. Follow this guide to ensure you get a fantastic deal. 

Seasonal Variations 

Certain times of the year have more buyers in the market, so making sure that your listing coincides with this peak makes perfect sense if you want to get the best possible price for your static home. Typically, at the beginning of the year, people are starting to look forward to warmer weather and plan their holidays for the year. You can expect a surge in market activity between January and April and other busy periods in the run-up to each school holiday. 

How Much To Sell For? 

How much is your static home worth? Begin by researching similar models in the market and make sure you don’t price yourself too high or too low. Remember that buyers will usually survey a wide range of options within their price bracket, so it’s essential that you’re positioning your static caravan in the right place. Take note of the age and condition of similar static homes for a realistic comparison. Also bear in mind that there will be a small amount of negotiation if someone puts in an offer. So, it’s probably best not to advertise your accommodation at a rock bottom price if you’re unwilling to lower it later. 

Where To Sell Your Static Caravan 

There are a variety of platforms to advertise your static caravans for sale. You may choose to return to your original dealer who can usually offer you a really fair price which you may be able to take as a part exchange option if you’re looking to upgrade. Dealers will need to service your mobile home so that they can pass on a warranty to the next buyer. Otherwise, platforms such as eBay or Gumtree are fantastic options, but be aware that there’s quite a bit of competition from fellow vendors in these arenas. However, a benefit of eBay is that you’re able to search sold listings to find out how much similar static homes sold for. This is important in gaining a realistic idea of how much you could stand to make from a sale. 

Providing An Honest Listing 

Taking clear, quality pictures of your static home accommodation is critical to your chances of a great sale price. You want to entice interested buyers to view your caravan, but if there are signs of wear and tear, then it’s important to be honest about them and point them out with photos and a description. Trying to cover up obvious damage will only result in your own time being wasted as much as your potential buyers. It’s often worthwhile providing a little written testimonial describing what you have enjoyed about your static caravan and why you’re choosing to move on. Appealing to a buyer’s emotions by describing it as a spacious family getaway will set your listing apart from others that just include the raw specs. 

Are you ready to put your static home on the market? Start your research today!

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