The annual family summer holiday is something for the whole family to look forward to at this point in the year. But with so many resorts offering new and exciting activities, choosing the perfect one in the right location can seem like an impossible task. To help you get started on choosing the perfect resort for your trip, we have compiled some of our top locations we think you should visit in 2020. 

Holiday Parks In Devon 

When looking to spend time with the family in the summer, choosing the right holiday park can be challenging. However, with several family holiday parks Devon has to offer this is an affordable holiday for your family. Whether you are staying near the city centre or you are visiting the countryside there are numerous resorts with everything on offer for you to enjoy. With several onsite facilities as well as activities off of the resorts, you can enjoy the very best of summer holidays. 

Haven In Yorkshire 

Though there are many smaller holiday parks dotted around the UK, it is major corporations such as Haven that see a number of holidaymakers travelling here every year. With a number of options such as cabins or camping sites, there are multiple ways that you can enjoy time either with friends or family. These numerous options of accommodation cater to many different price points allowing you to enjoy time away without spending a small fortune, which is ideal for those large families looking to have a holiday. 

Centre Parks In The New Forest 

The New Forest is yet another hot spot for families in the summer holidays as many flock to resorts in caravans and tents to enjoy the fresh air. This also means that there are a number of resorts that see a rise in bookings at this time of the year allowing for families to enjoy facilities. Whether it is the clubhouse for entertainment or local beaches for many, this is the perfect way for them to spend their summer holidays. It is this form of holiday that has proved increasingly popular in recent months as it is an affordable way to travel. 

Resorts In Norfolk 

The final location that is perfect for the summer holidays in Norfolk and this also has a number of resorts on offer at this time. Whether it is a trip on the Norfolk broads or a visit to the small countryside towns, this village proves highly popular for many holidaymakers. However, with so much to do in Norfolk as well as the rise in people opting for camping, resorts are having to do more to keep people visiting and using the facilities that they have on offer. 

Whether you are planning a weekend away with family or you are looking for a two-week break, there are numerous options for you to choose from based on your current financial situation. Which of these will you be choosing for your family holiday this year?

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