Everyone considers wine to be a premium alcoholic drink. It is a sign of social status since many people cannot afford it. There are different qualities of wine, depending on its ingredients. You can consider the price of the wine as an indication of its quality, but the best way to understand it is by tasting wine. Wine tasting requires special skill, and many companies have hired professional wine tasters for the same purpose. If you want to acquire these skills, then these tips about wine tasting will certainly help you.

Check for the alcohol content of the wine

Wine is an alcoholic drink; in general, it contains 11.6% alcohol. However, this number can vary for different qualities of wine. You can certainly look at the label for the alcohol percentage, but if you want to understand it by yourself during your Hunter Valley wine tours then you need to drink wine in the following way. You have to take the wine in your mouth and swirl it. You will feel a burning sensation on your palate, and sometimes in your nose. The higher the percentage of alcohol in the wine, the more is the burning sensation. However, if the burning sensation obscures the taste, then the wine does not have balanced content.

Check for the type of wine body

The heavy sensation describes the body of a wine that it leaves after drinking. This heaviness defines whether it is full-bodied, medium or light. The alcohol content of the wine can also define the heaviness. Like the previous way of tasting wine, if the burning sensation on the palate and nose is high, then the wine is considered to be full-bodied. Light-bodied wine generally has less alcohol content, but it is not always the case. For example, Pinot Noir, although it has high alcohol content, is a light-bodied wine.

Check for the length of the wine

The length of the wine is defined by the duration for which it sticks inside the mouth. However, there are certain additional components in the wine like tannin, alcohol, acid, and sugar, which also sticks, thus giving you a feeling that the wine is sticking to your mouth. Therefore, it is better to check the duration for which you can feel the taste of the wine in your mouth. If it persists for long, then it is safe to say that the wine has length.

Understanding the source of the wine

Wine is made from a variety of barriers and grapes. Each source produces a different taste. For example, red wine is mainly made from black or red fruit, while white wine from stone or tropical fruit. Once you understand the source, you can narrow it down further by checking whether it tastes like a particular fruit, like strawberries.

Checking the acid content of the wine

Acids are mainly added to maintain balance in the wine. You can feel the acid content in the wine at the sides of the tongue. High acid content will make you salivate more, and therefore, many people prefer to have high acid-content wine with food.

Thus with these tips you can try some of the exquisite wines, especially those found in Hunter Valley wine tours. 

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