The concept of serviced offices provides the ideal business solution for companies in search of workspace located in either refurbished existing buildings or purpose built modern business centers. Of course, every city has its favored locations. Glasgow, for example, has the historic district known as Merchant City and the Financial District, otherwise known as ‘Wall Street on the Clyde’.

Merchant City contains a mix of architecture that includes restored Victorian buildings, which appeal to established businesses with a long history. The cultural venues here might also appeal to businesses in the culture or media sector. Businesses are attracted to serviced offices in the Financial District because of the prestigious international companies located here; therefore it is best place to set up an international business the modern office complexes and its excellent access to the M8 motorway and to railway links.

The creative industries have been encouraged to call the city their home and the media sector, in particular, has established a presence in the Pacific Quay area. Waterfront regeneration, in common with other industrial British cities, has attracted business to Glasgow with bold developments. If a business park is the preferred environment, the Greater Govan & Glasgow Harbour area contains modern open plan office space at Rowan Business Park and Junction 24 Business Park.

Finding the right office space and then looking after it is often stressful and distracts businesses from other priorities they should be focusing on. This is one of the reasons why the serviced office has become so popular.

Whether you need to find serviced offices in Glasgow or another major city, there will be plenty of choice and contrast in the available office stock.

Looking After the Future

Flexibility is another key reason for their growth. Instead of a company having a medium-term or long-term lease, essentially locking them into an agreement they can’t get out of for years, a serviced office gives a business its freedom. With no crystal ball to reveal the future, it’s hard to predict whether the business will need to expand or downsize or, indeed, change location for whatever reason.

What Does a Serviced Office Involve?

The best companies offering this kind of service cover all the bases. Think of whatever you require in an office and it should be there. This includes the basics, such as furniture, computer systems and telephone system and also a reception area with staff and facilities for drinks and snacks. In other words, an inclusive deal will mean just that. This will also include arrangements for cleaning. Some companies will require a space for meetings or conferences or a board room and this can be negotiated into the agreement. Whatever IT system is required, it can be tailored to the requirements of the business, with the necessary support.

Many businesses are finding that serviced office agreements make financial sense, when compared to old-school leases. They only pay for the space they use and the built-in flexibility means that they can easily re-locate if their finances demand it. Of course, some businesses may simply need temporary office space until finding a permanent location and a serviced office meets those requirements too.

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