The Nantes city is one of the old cities in France. It is built along the River Loire and is number six in terms of size. Since it is considered a history city, it has various attractions for international tourists as well as local tourists because it is a history city. If you want to travel and enjoy your time here, make the point of visiting the following 10 tourists’ places.

Old Town

As a traveler, you have to make your way to the 18th or the 19th century quarters. In the Old Town, make a special visit to the Cours Cambrronne, Place Graslin and Rue Crebillon. This place allows visitors to have a good impression of the historical city. You will also visit the Late Gothic well in Old Town.

Chateau des Ducs de Bretagne

This includes the Dule of Brittany Castle houses. Inside you will get to see the museum history that has over 800 objects. You will also love watching the multimedia installation objects laid contemporarily. Within here, you will also see the ducal palace that has the exhibitions and culture events. At night, you will love to see the illuminations.

Fine Art museum

It stocks the finest collection from France. Here, you get to see works by Courbet, Chagal and Picaso. The museum is a must see if you love works of art since it introduces one to the French history.

St Pierre Cathedral

The cathedral is located in the Northern part of Nantes. This place occupies two historical churches. Inside, you will get to see the 3 interior aisles that are awesome. Get to visit the Tomb where Francis 2 and wife were buried. The place is decorated from the Renaissance arts. At the North end, get to see the empty tombs of Lamoriciere and golden shrine.

La Joneliere

Located in the Northern part of Nantes is La Joneliere zoo and the Automobile museums. The museum offers vintage car collections and other attractions.

Jules Verne museum

If you are in the South West of Nantes, make a visit to the famous museum of Verne Jules. It is a dedication to the world known writer Jule Verne. Inside, you will have the opportunity to see personal memoirs of the writer, the models created and other drawings that represent his works. Within the museum is a well build Planetarium with modern equipments.

Canal de la Martiniere

The canal located in Nantes is a must see 19th century attractions. It is five kilometers long. Here you will see boats as they pass, the hydraulic regulations machines, fishing and sailing is just some of the activities to see. It has good walking trails for bird watchers.

Les Machines de Lile

For people who love artistic works, then this is the best place to visit. It is set a side as a tourist project for art. Here, you will get a combination of works from artists like Verne Jules, Leonardo da Vinci and all the history of Nantes city. Get to see the famous shipyard and other sea creatures.

Atlantic festival

If you are in the United Kingdom, get the UK passport and head to Nantes for a two-month Atlantic festival in June to August. Here, you will get to see 8 concerts like operas and recitals. Many singers known worldwide have made their mark here.

Royal Place

The Royal Place is located in Central Nantes. This is a 1970 square. In the North East, you will have the opportunity to see the neo gothic cathedral of st Nicholas. Inside is the 85m tower. At the far end is the famous Ste Croix.

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