Planning a trip to Kauai Island in 2022 can be a little tricky despite the world finally having a firm grip on the COVID-19 pandemic situation. Still, traveling must be well thought out and well planned in order to make the most out of the experience. First, you will need a comprehensive travel guide to prepare you for the trip to one of the most visited islands in the world.

Travel Plans And Booking

This is perhaps the first step when planning for your trip to Kauai. You must make adequate travel plans with reputable companies that are experts in Kauai vacation travels for a seamless vacation. The Kauai Airport is the best way to get to the island. The airport is located in Lihue which is on the east side of Kauai. With over 90 years of uninterrupted service, Hawaiian Airlines is the oldest and most efficient airline that specializes in transporting tourists in and out of Kauai.

Other airlines are picking up the pace, however, including the Southwest Airlines that has recently begun Kauai travels. With Hawaiian Airlines providing tourists with daily flights from inter-island and the mainland, other airlines like Southwest Airlines now offer flights only on specific days. As for services on the island, with platforms like, you do not need to worry about activity planning, hotels, restaurants etc.

What To Pack For A Trip To Kauai

There are so many activities and places to explore on Kauai Island. Additionally, it is blessed with diverse terrains and fluctuating weather that may become a nuisance if you are not adequately prepared for it. With so many choices to make concerning your trip, you might not remember to pack the right gear that you will need on your trip. Not to worry, I’ve included a comprehensive list of equipment and gear you will need to fully explore the Island of Kauai.

You may choose to alter this list depending on the activities you intend to go on, and your personal preferences, but I’ve included the following;

  • Rain Jacket
  • Hats
  • Travel document holder
  • Beach bag
  • Reef Safe Sunscreen
  • Bathing suits
  • Water shoes
  • Sandals/ beach shoes with closed toes
  • Camera or disposable cameras.
  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Sunglasses
  • Rashguard top
  • Books to remain engaged
  • Warm jacket to layer
  • Sundresses
  • Outfit for a nice dinner
  • Sundress
  • Towels for the beach
  • Book to read
  • Backpack
  • Light shorts and breathable tops
  • Long pants
  • Water Bottle
  • First aid kit
  • Bug repellent
  • Hiking gear

Where To Stay

While in Kauai, you will find cheaper and more efficient accommodations in areas like Lihue as a result of the area’s proximity to the main airport. The steady supply of tourists has increased the quality of hotels and accommodations in the area. Travelers from all over the world prefer to stay in the eastern part of Lihue because of the availability of stores, restaurants, and even cruise ships. To find the best hotels anywhere you are on the Kauai Island, you can utilize the service.

What To Do On The Island

There are several outdoor activities you can enjoy while vacationing on this Island. From kayaking to hiking, and even snorkeling, you can never run out of activities to engage in. Above all else, you can visit the beach and enjoy delicious local cuisines that the locals have to offer. Some other activities you can try include;

  • Taking A Helicopter Tour

If you’re able to afford to enjoy all that Kauai has to offer, then I recommend taking a helicopter ride round the Island. Watching the beautiful landscape of the green rainforest from the helicopter height provides you with one of the most astonishing views on earth. With local companies like Island Helicopters that specializes in offering tourists this once in a lifetime experience, you’re sure to have a thrilling time exploring the wonders and treasures that this Island holds.

  • See The Na Pali Coast

On the Island, you could also spend time exploring one of the most adventurous locations in the world. All you need is to take a Kauai boat tour through snorkel and sea caves that are booming with aquatic life. I highly recommend this if you’re itching for fun and education on aquatic lifestyle.

  • Visit Waimea Canyon

As a tourist, you can also visit the famous “Grand Canyon of the Pacific” which is known to the locals as the Waimea Canyon. You can hike to the very zenith of a waterfall, go camping, or enjoy the climate in the canyon region which is unlike anywhere else in the world.

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