Nothing can offer you more relaxation and the exploration than a holiday. Even the very term itself gives us the relaxation. Struggling with our day to day monotonous life we sometime become frustrated. The only escape route to get out of this frustration is the holiday. This takes us beyond the regularity. This time to quench your wander thirst Lanzarote would be the perfect destination for you. Its spectacular volcanic landscapes would rob your heart at the first glance. The sandy beaches, the luxury hotels will add an extra comfort to your holiday. If the nature is calling you, then listen to your inner voice and make a trip to enjoy Luxury Holidays in Lanzarote.

Places to visit:

Now let’s move to the major attraction of this place. Costa Teguise and Playa Blanca is the place of tourist interest. The resorts, the facilities, beaches of these places would make your holiday perfect for you. On the arrival at the place you can take a short drive to the Costa Teguise, situated in the eastern side of the island. It will take hardly 10 to 15 minutes. The spectacular views of the poolside and the lobby bars are just complimentary to the mood of the city.

Playa Blanca, better known as white beach is located in the southernmost town on the Spanish island. A sunbathing and the swimming in the sheltered bays of this island would sooth your body and mind. If you want to give an insight to the life of the island then the surrounding market would portray the regular life of the place. The Fuerteventura paves the way to satisfy your eyes with the more view of the canary island. You can stay at the resorts of the Playa Blanca. This will compel you to enjoy the holiday life to the fullest.

Lanzarote is known as the Fire Island. It is the home of 3oo extinct volcanoes which has become a major attraction of the tourist. The volcanic view gives a pleasure to your mind which you will accompany the days of solitude.’

A visit to Rancho Park:

After having the pleasure of the volcanic sight you can enroute yourself to the nearby Rancho Park. There you can spend the entire day giving an insight to the life of the white tigers, pumas, eagle, sea lion and reptiles. The entertaining parrot shows will add an extra charm to this day trip. The extraordinarily shaped mountains with the cliffs, black beaches, and stone enclosed vineyards enthral you at the first glance. If you nestle down at the sandy beaches for sometime or make a camel ride on the sands you can feel the nature of this place is gradually revealing herself before you. Speak with the nature taking the relaxation on the deserted beach. You can go for the clubbing or can simply explore the beauty of nature through your eyes. Unlike the crowded city there is no towering hotel to mess up the beauty of the sky. The hotels and the results are featured in such a way that fit to the natural surroundings.

La Ceuva de los Verdes situated in the northern part of the island is a must visit. The cave in the green house with the underground grottos gives the mystery to unfold. Take yourself to the open air of the Teguise market on a Sunday. It surely will make your Sunday morning a marvelous one. Hundreds of stalls are there where you can shop and pick up the classy things.

Museums- the adjoining attractions:

Several museums are there in Lanzarote. Visit the Museum of International Contemporary Art and El Grifo Wine Museum. Have the view of the LagMar Oasis de Nazaret, the home of the architecture and also the enclosed garden. Once Hollywood actor Omar Sharif was the owner of this place. Again you can visit the Mirador del Rio which is famous for giving the scopes to the tourists to enjoy the dramatic and awe inspiring view of the volcanic backdrop.

Nature of this place has decorated itself with different aspects. Luxury holidays in Lanzarote would be stunning if you experience all the spectacular options presented before you. So now let your feet touch the land of the Lanzarote to gift yourself with the amazing vista of this place.

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