Waiting for holidays eagerly is but obvious for people of all age groups and genders. It is particularly true for those who remain busy with their routine personal and professional life and hardly get any time for relaxation and rejuvenation. What about the idea to go for cycling holidays. It is an awesome option as you may get engaged in an effective and excellent total body workout while exploring Mother Nature very closely. There are so many options such as Mont Ventoux cycling that may be opted for as per your personal interests and tastes. For those who wish to have great fun and enjoyment from their cycling holidays, here are few of the top destinations.

Carmarthenshire in South-west Wales is a great option

You may surely get engaged in awesome and pleasurable riding at this destination that offers you with the National Cycle Route for following a long stretch of the coast. You may get started with cycling at any time and from anywhere due to easy access to the cycling routes from the rental accommodations located in close vicinity.

Manifold Way in Staffordshire is a must explore destination

It is a cycling track that is 9 miles long and offers plenty of interesting and engaging sights on its way to Waterhouses starting from the Hulme End. You will be captivated by and remain motivated to keep on cycling by the unmatched view of the limestone gorge in the Staffordshire Peak District and the Thor’s Cave.

Hadrian’s Cycleway in Cumbria is a great idea

Those who are quite passionate about and have expertise in cycling over the longer routes or tracks, it is a great option for them. This 174miles trail runs from coast-to-coast. It also gives you a chance to see Hadrian’s Wall itself, Carlisle Castle, Newcastle’s Black Keep and the Bath House while cycling on this route. Hence it heightens your pleasure of the perfect cycling holiday.

Mont Ventoux is an unparalleled option in the list

Needless to mention, Mont Ventoux cycling holiday is a matchless option in the list that combines natural beauty and thrill to make you feel enthralled during your holidays. On your way to the moonscape summit, you will come across the 2nd century Roman villa. It is a challenging and also fun-filled experience for you.

Keeping in view your unique interests and also ease of access from your place, you may choose any of these cycling destinations and look forward to an awesome experience ahead. 

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